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At Atlas Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we have the unique capability to combine several different approaches when dealing with sports injuries. As a multi-disciplinary natural healthcare center, we can offer chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, corrective exercises, and cold laser therapy for sports injuries.

One of the most common sports injuries is the sprain or strain. A sprain refers to an overextended or stretched ligament, while a strain is an overextended or stretched muscle, also called a “pulled” or “torn” muscle. These injuries can be caused by trauma such as a sudden change in direction or speed, and there are oftentimes structural imbalances that can lead to increased risk, even in young athletes.

At our sports injury center in Costa Mesa, we always start the evaluation by doing an in-depth history to identify risk factors and causes and then put together a plan of action based on findings. We often find that athletes tend to favor one side versus the other (usually the right or dominant side), and carrying more weight on that side can lead to fatigue in the short term, and wear-and-tear over the long haul, which will inevitably lead to injury.

At Atlas, we have technology that will analyze and establish a left vs. right comparison, which combined with x-rays can give us an in-depth analysis of the structures and imbalances that can lead to injury. Once the abnormalities are identified, a plan is then put together to correct them.

A quick story to illustrate this: John was a 20-yr old college football player and track athlete. He came in for some left hip and knee pain, and he had seen his GP (who gave him meds), a physical therapist (who prescribed some stretches and strengthening exercises), and even an orthopedist, who suggested rest and a small-dose cortisone injection if it didn’t get better. We evaluated him, and right away we discovered that he was favoring his left side, and when we put him on the bilateral weight scales, it became obvious what the problem was: his total body weight was 184 pounds, and instead of having 92 pounds on each side (50/50 weight distribution), he was carrying 100 lbs on the left, and 84 lbs on the right. We did a series of 4 adjustments to his pelvis and low back, extremity adjustments to decompress his left hip, knee, and ankle, 4 cold laser sessions, and within 2 weeks he was 95% improved. Within a month, his pain was gone completely!

Getting a sports injury evaluation with our chiropractors in Costa Mesa can not only help you heal quickly from your injuries, but it will also minimize your risk of future injury, and more importantly, it will enhance your performance and make you better, faster, and stronger.

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