Cold Laser Therapy

Great Benefits From Cold Laser Therapy

The medical field is always changing and evolving. It’s fascinating to observe as new technologies gain traction and become more accessible to patients.


Cold laser therapy is one of the more recent treatments gaining traction in the medical profession. This alternative has quickly become a go-to for many doctors and has the potential to transform patient care. Numerous people have experienced relief and healing that was previously unattainable in such a short period of time.


Let us examine the benefits of this unique therapy option in further detail.

1. Treatment Ease

The primary advantage of cold laser therapy is how simple it is for both patient and physician.


The patient sits or lies down during the treatment, depending on the location of the injury. After that, the practitioner directs the laser at the damaged area. The length of time it remains on the injury is governed by its severity.


As the laser energy passes through the skin, it reaches the injured cells. The energy is absorbed by the cells and is then utilized to promote healing.


The patient will feel no pain during the entire session. These lasers operate at such a low frequency that they generate no heat.

To improve, it is frequently necessary to endure additional discomfort. Thus, this type of treatment is a welcome alternative from the norm.

2. Treats a Variety of Ailments

Cold laser therapy is effective for a wide variety of injuries. It is a fairly universal treatment that is being applied to an increasing number of conditions.


Cold laser treatment is now utilized to treat inflammation, wounds, and generalized pain. Sprains and muscular soreness are two of the most prevalent injuries. Certain types of chronic pain are also excellent candidates for this treatment.

If you’ve been experiencing chronic pain, it’s possible that your medical practitioner will employ cold laser treatment to aid in your healing.

3. Pain Reduction

The most frequently reported symptom from patients is recurrent discomfort, most frequently in the back and joints. When individuals suffer from this type of pain, it can be debilitating and significantly impair their everyday activities.


Cold laser therapy is an excellent tool for assisting in the reduction of that pain. The additional energy that the laser can provide damaged cells makes a significant difference in terms of mobility and comfort.


Additionally, this treatment involves no additional discomfort for the patient. Many medical treatments require the patient to take painkillers.

In general, cold laser therapy is an excellent option for pain relief.

4. Prompt Treatment

To ensure that the cold laser therapy is effective and truly promotes complete healing, the patient will need numerous sessions. These sessions are often brief, lasting only a few minutes.


It is not necessary to expose the skin for an extended period of time for the laser’s energy to enter the skin and reach the damaged cells. This is why treatment sessions should be brief.


The treatment is most effective when the cells are exposed to this increased energy several times.

Utilizing a rapid treatment plan enables you to resume your normal activities as soon as feasible.

5. There is no time for recovery

Along with the rapid treatment periods, the recovery time is also quite rapid. That is because there is essentially no need for healing.


The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. The gadget used for cold laser therapy does not puncture the skin or generate heat. In essence, the patient will have no sensation.

This will also continue long after the treatment has concluded. Certain patients may even notice improvement following their initial visit.

6. Facilitates Healing

When someone is in pain, they want it to pass soon. Occasionally, there are therapy alternatives that temporarily alleviate discomfort but do not address the underlying problem.


If this is the case, the pain is extremely likely to return at some point.

Cold laser therapy is aimed at facilitating genuine, long-term healing at the cellular level. The laser radiation enables the cells to mend and transform in a way that not only alleviates the pain, but also resolves the issue.

7. Completely Secure Procedure

Occasionally, worries regarding safety arise as a new treatment becomes more popular and accessible.


Cold laser therapy is a nationally approved procedure that has been thoroughly studied. There are extremely few hazards and little that may go wrong if performed properly.


This safety is one of the reasons that if you search for “cold laser therapy near me,” you’re likely to discover a service in your region.

Medical professionals have embraced this mode of therapy due to its overall benefits and low danger. This combination might be quite difficult to locate during medical treatments.

8. At-Home Treatment Possibilities

Because cold laser therapy is so safe, some businesses are beginning to sell home-use devices.


The handheld device can be used in the same way that the medical facility’s gadget is used. And you’ll almost certainly get identical results.


However, the cost of cold laser therapy in a medical facility may be more affordable. The cost of these devices for the home might be fairly significant.


While it may be convenient to administer and supervise therapy treatments on your own schedule, it is recommended for serious injuries that they are delivered and overseen by a certified medical expert.

However, the possibility is thrilling!

Begin Your Cold Laser Therapy Treatment Today

It’s natural to become discouraged when you’re in pain and your normal routines are disrupted. This is especially true if you’ve tried numerous therapies without seeing the desired outcomes.


However, cold laser therapy is a relatively low-risk procedure that has proven to be extremely successful for a large number of people.


If you’re interested in learning more about the procedure and your treatment choices, contact Atlas Wellness Chiropractic in the Costa, Mesa area today to schedule an appointment!