Car Accident Chiropractor

Recovery Tips After Being In Car Accident

Immediately after a car accident, you’ll likely experience whiplash-type symptoms, which can include neck and back pain, headaches, stiffness, fatigue, swelling and bruising, difficulty sleeping, and more.

So besides getting checked by an injury-trained doctor, preferably a Chiropractor, what

Knee Pain

Natural Solutions for Knee Pain

Knee Pain? Swelling? Stiffness? Clicking When You Walk or Run?

Knee problems affect people of all ages and can arise from injury, overuse, or due to underlying medical conditions. The most common signs and symptoms include pain, swelling, stiffness, redness, …

Got Foot or Ankle Pain? We Can Help!

As a Structural Chiropractor, I oftentimes see people with foot or ankle injuries and pain, many of them sports-related, but most of them directly linked to something that in many cases, gets overlooked by other chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedists, and

Sciatica: A Literal Pain in the Butt

What is sciatica?

Sciatica refers to pain caused by the sciatic nerve, the thickest nerve in the body.  It usually radiates/shoots from the lower back into the leg, often below the knee and into the foot. Sciatica is most common

A Layman’s Guide to Disc Injuries

It’s a gorgeous sunny day, you’re sitting in the car, top-down, minding your business and listening to Justin Bieber whine about the trials and tribulations of being a young, studly, handsome, world-famous millionaire, when you hear some screeching tires and...BOOM!

5 Ways to Conquer Tech Neck

Chances are, you’re reading this on your phone or laptop and are slouching in a less than ideal posture. (You just straightened yourself up just now, didn’t you? Good.)

Nowadays, our dependency on and overuse of technology, especially cell phones,

Car Crash

Have You Been in a Car Accident? Read This NOW!

Can auto accidents cause concussions? Can a crash set forth a domino effect of health challenges that can lead to multiple sclerosis? Can a low-velocity fender bender lead to serious injury?

If you answered YES to all of the above,